Hello and welcome to My Rotting Brain.

My Rotting Brain is where I hope to rediscover my love for writing, and where I’ll hopefully ramble aimlessly about a variety of relatively useless topics, probably involving old TV shows and obscure movies.

I had intended to have some content up here before the first of October, because that’s when my big project begins and I didn’t want the whole blog to come off as completely dedicated to it.  But then I played video games instead, and here we are on September 30th with no content.

But starting tomorrow, and continuing for all of October, there will be new content daily.  That’s the project, a series of reviews to celebrate both Halloween and awesome television from the 1990’s.  Hopefully.

I hope you’ll visit daily and find my writing to be at least bearable, possibly even somewhat funny.  I guess we’ll find out tomorrow.


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