Review #19: The Tale of the Fire Ghost

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We’re back to season 4 for this episode.  We begin with an argument between Sam and Kiki.  Apparently Kiki let Sam borrow her sweater and Sam left it in her locker and her locker got broken into and…I stopped caring.

It’s Tucker’s turn to tell a story, and it’s about fire.  Pyromaniacs rejoice.  He tosses some dry rub seasoning on the fire and he begins.  Submitted for the approval of the Midnight Society, he calls this story…

Judging from the title, I hope it’s the sequel to “The Frozen Ghost”, but in this one it’s a little boy who says “I’m hot” and they have to give him his bathing suit to change into.  Instead, we begin in a fire station and my dreams are shattered.  The alarm goes off and the sole firefighter on duty slides down the fire pole, but it turns out that there is no fire, it’s just his friends throwing him a surprise party.


Surprise, we're all going to jail for pulling the fire alarm!


We meet Roxie and Jimmy and learn that the firefighter is their father.  He’s split from their mother, but they still remain friends, or try to.  Jimmy, isn’t taking the divorce well and according to Tucker, he’s got a lot of anger inside and blames the divorce on his father.


In the Scooby Doo ending of this episode, the arsonist turns out to be the ginger headed boy that's mad at the world. He would have gotten away with it too, if it weren't for you meddlesome kids.


A lot of strange things happen in the few minutes after their mother leaves the party.  Roxie gives her dad another gift, and it’s a nose ring for some reason.  The lights go out for a few seconds and one of the other firefighters declares that their fire ghost is back, and then finally a tree branch smashes through the window Jimmy is sitting next to.

Jimmy gets all pissy with his dad while he’s trying to bandage his cuts, complaining that his dad is never around.  Jimmy’s dad tries to buy his son’s love with the promise of a new video game the firehouse got, I hope it’s Street Fighter 2, but before they can play it, the alarm sounds and he’s got to respond to a call.  I bet Jimmy’s dad is going to be in hot water with his mom over that one!  Ho ho!




This leaves Jimmy and Roxie, who I’m sure will wind up in a screen cap eventually, alone in the firehouse.  Roxie tries the phone to call her mom, but finds the line is dead.  The lights flicker and the kids soon realize they aren’t alone, as this fine fellow soon slides down the fire pole.


Hi kids, I'm the guy that lights the match at the beginning of each episode.


He says he’s Jake Griffin and he watches the fire house while the others are gone.  See, Jake is basically the equivalent of the crazy guy in Vietnam War movies who’s been in the jungle for too long.  He’s seen things man.  He tells the kids that fire is like a wild animal, and that it will do anything to survive.  Once the fire is put out, it’s spirit lives on and follows firefighters back to the station for revenge.  The kids reaction to this story matches my own.

Jake keeps going on about the fire ghost, beginning to sound vaguely evangelical when he says the fire ghost wants to pull people into it’s world of eternal flame.  Where you’ll eat naught but burning hot coals and drink naught but burning hot cola and…sorry, Sunday school memories.  Anyways, Jake tells the kids not to look directly into a flame, because that’s how the fire ghost will get ya.  He also tells them that fire ghost hates fire fighters and that since they’re the children of one of the best, they should be very careful while in the fire station.  On that cheerful note, he leaves.

Later, after a heated argument with this sister over who caused their parents to get divorced, Jimmy goes downstairs where he is mesmerized by what appears to be a fire in the equipment room.  The candle he is holding goes out briefly, but then relights in spectacular fashion.


Oh come on, how is he supposed to avoid looking into that flame?


Roxie is there to break him out of his trance though, but things only get stranger.  The phone rings and Jimmy hears a voice on the other line tell him that he’s the son of a murderer and his time has come.  It sounds kind of like Jake’s voice, but that’d be absurd, there’s no way the creepy guy who no one has seen before and who has fanatical views on fire could possibly be evil.  Jimmy is then pulled into the equipment room by a possessed fire hose.


I guess you could say that hose has the hots for Jimmy. Yes, I'm ashamed of myself for that one.


Roxie is left with her own problems as someone in a fire suit comes after her wielding an axe.

She manages to rescue Jimmy and the two narrowly escape, running upstairs, with the man in the fire suit in hot pursuit.  Get it?  Hot pursuit?  It’s because there’s fire and…never mind.  The kids hide in a shower, but they’re soon found by the guy in the fire suit, who of course turns out to be Jake.  Jake also turns out to be a ghost, but he’s trying to protect the kids, so I guess he’s more of the Casper variety.


It's Jake Griffin, the friendly ghost who likes to carry around an axe and stalk people. But in a friendly way.


The kids escape out the same window that got smashed earlier, but as soon as their feet touch the ground, they run into a lanky police officer who just happens to be patrolling outside the firehouse.


Maybe he got a hot tip that something was going down! And there goes my dignity.


They tell him they’re incredibly believable story about the fire ghost, and he brings them back inside to investigate.  They find nothing in the equipment room, but the cop insists they wait in their while he checks out the rest of the firehouse.  The kids stubbornly refuse and the cop gets angry, and turns into this:


Looks like he's all hot and bothered! HA! Still got it.


I’ve got to say fire ghost, if your weakness is annoying kids, this is not promising for you.  The kids run away again and find Jake upstairs, who explains the origins of himself and the fire ghost.  Turns out Jake died in a fighting a fire with the kid’s father, and he’s been watching over the firehouse ever since.  That fire also spawned the fire ghost, but he doesn’t really delve into that one.

Jake doesn’t blame anyone for his death however, and through that, Jimmy learns a lesson.  You can’t always be looking for someone to blame, because sometimes there isn’t anyone.  Though in the case of his parents divorce, Jimmy should probably blame himself.  Anyways, they concoct a painfully simple plan to deal with the ghost.  Jimmy draws it out by calling it afraid, and while it’s ranting about how Jimmy’s dad is a murderer, Roxie blasts it with a fire extinguisher.  Hello anticlimactic ending.


Looks like his plans are going down in flames...or up in smoke. You know what? Just pick whichever pun you find less cringeworthy


But wait!  The fire ghost doesn’t die!  Why?  I have no idea, it’s never explained.  Instead, he begins to threaten Jimmy and Roxie again, and Jimmy starts begging it not to turn into fire, because he’s terrified of fire.  He tells him to do anything but turn into fire, because it’s just too horrible.  What a stupid thing to say Jimmy, of course it’s going to turn into fire if you tell it that!

And all that fire is going to…trigger the sprinklers and kill the fire ghost.  It’s never seen from again and Jake and Roxie start spending a lot more time with their dad.  How much does it have to suck to be the fire ghost though? It waited years to get revenge and he goes down like that?  That probably burns him up inside.

The End

I’d love to promise that’s the end of reviews full of terrible puns, but damn it, that’s a promise I can’t make.  I’ve got to give compliments to the Tale of the Fire Ghost, I find it to be one of the better acted episodes in the series.  The kids don’t come off as though someone told them to read their lines as whiny as possible, and Jake Griffin does a great job of not coming off completely off the walls crazy.  The fire ghost himself does ham it up a little bit, but at least he looks cool while he’s doing it.  I would have liked if they’d established a bit more of his origin though.  But that’s just because I can’t for the life of me figure out why he’s dressed as a cop, even in his true form.  It’s really making me hot under the collar!


I will not blame any of you if don’t come back tomorrow.


3 thoughts on “Review #19: The Tale of the Fire Ghost

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  2. I just found you through Oh Noa, and wanted to start at the beginning. Your reviews are really funny, I’m glad I stopped by!

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