Theme Song

Some would say it’s self indulgent.  Some would say it’s pointless.  Some would say I should really be spending my time writing things instead.

But me?  I only have one word for it:  Awesome.

Loyal readers, it’s time to take this blog to a whole different level because…

I’ve got a theme song

Yes indeed, my own original theme music, written and recorded by The Glenn Robinsons, specifically for this blog.

The Glenn Robinsons are a one man musical explosion, hailing from Rhode Island. The band consists of Glenn Robinson on everything and he writes, records and releases all his own stuff, when not playing drums in a slew of other bands.  All releases featuring Glenn in some capacity can be found  at with anything recorded under The Glenn Robinsons name being available for free.  Vocals, guitars, drums, he does them all.  He’s the most talented Glenn Robinson since the NBA’s Glenn “Big Dog” Robinson.  No relation, and shockingly, no resemblance.

Why did I feel I needed theme music?  Because I’m self indulgent and like pointless things.  And it might be used later as intro music for another project of mine that may soon assault your ears.

As for writing, I am keeping busy.  I was going to write a lengthy piece about how I think Wendell the Baker from Cinnamon Toast Crunch murdered the bakers that used to appear on the box with him, in a sick bid for fame and fortune, but surprisingly that’s been covered by other blogs already.  Crafty bastards.  Anyways, hopefully in a few days I’ll have something really cool for you guys that will tie in nicely with Are You Afraid of the Dark reviews.

Till then, go listen to Glenn Robinson’s music.  Do it while watching clips of the NBA’s Glenn Robinson to achieve a higher level of consciousness.


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