Internet Channel Surfing Vol. 1

Here’s something to pass the time oh loyal readers.  Yes, there’s supposed to be a review of some kind, and it’s entirely possible that one will be posted this week.  However, at the moment there isn’t one, and this post is designed to distract you from the fact that I have broken my promises.

If that doesn’t work, here’s a picture of a howler monkey:

Now then, where were we?  Oh yes, Internet Channel Surfing.  Just assume all the videos of NSFW, it’ll save you time.

– Well, this blog is nothing if not education, so let’s all start by learning together with some Drunk History

– routinely puts up amazing videos, if you’re into gaming.  See what I mean?

-Next it’s off to to learn the shockingly dark origins stories of lovable children’s characters.

President Taft’s Secret Pony Brigade

– Few people understand Don Hertzfeldt’s particular genius.

Mystery Science Theater 3000 should never be forgotten, nor should the many names of David Ryder.

– Did you hear about that live action sequel to beloved Nicktoon, Doug?

– Back to for 6 Dates with a sex chat bot.

– The blog Nic Cage as Everyone features Nic Cage…as everyone.

-And that really brings me to my last point for this post.  If you take away anything from Volume 1 of Internet Channel Surfing, make sure it is this simple fact:  NIC CAGE LOVES PACHINKO!

By the way, I’m an attention whore, so follow me on twitter:!/MyRottingBrain

And if you view any of those youtube videos above, feel free to post “” in the comment section.  I’d tell you that I’ll give you a cookie if you do, but then we’ll all just end up disappointed.


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