Rotten Droppings

Hey look at me, I’m around with a collection of random thoughts and observations.

-I haven’t written anything since January 15th and yet 40 people viewed this blog today.  I credit all my success to Nicolas Cage, I’m fairly sure when I die, I’ll be remembered as that guy that wrote that Day in the Life of Nic Cage article.  I’m comfortable with this.

Conan O’Brien was smart enough to get on the Nic Cage train before it leaves the station, will you be?

– I don’t think anyone grows up wanting to be a clown, so much as they grow up secretly wanting to traumatize others and be praised for it.

-The new Food Network show “Restaurant: Impossible” is wonderful television, however it’s entirely counter productive.  Oh, the episodes end on a high note, with Chef Robert Irvine having successfully restored a awful restaurant.  He’s improved the interior, the service and the food, seems like everything is great, right?  Sure, until you remember he’ll be leaving the restaurant back in the hands of the very same people who let it become a shithole in the first place.  I really don’t want to go eat a place owned by people who let 9 tons of garbage pile up on the patio and had thirteen dead mice under once refrigerator in their kitchen,  I don’t care who spruced it up.

-Podcasts are still in development.  I’ll settle for nothing less than at least a slightly known guest, so I’m currently spending my time seeing how great a sense of humor comedians’ agents have.

– Elevator etiquette is severely lacking in this world.  I’m unsure what possess people to charge into an elevator the second the doors open, but they should probably take a second to consider someone might be trying to get off.  It’s not your personal transportation device, and when you nearly knock me over, I end up hoping the cable snaps when you’re inside.   Or even better, the elevator gets stuck, and you climb out of it, then meet your demise like Emilio Estevez in Mission: Impossible.

-A whale shark will eat you whole without even thinking twice.  Anyone who says otherwise is either A) Lying, B) Delusional, C) Someone who wants you to be eaten by a whale shark

-The film Cocktail needs to be on television more often, if not always.  Speaking of Cocktail, this is probably the funniest thing I have ever seen.

-Oh right, I joined a site called VYou, it’s a site where people can ask you questions and you record video responses to them.  So, go ahead and ask me questions, (I expect to get exactly none)

-The bird feeder on my roof has taught me that squirrels are devilishly smart.  I wouldn’t trust them if I were you.

– I imagine I’ll eventually do another review of Rescue 911, possibly Unsolved Mysteries.  As always, if you’ve got something you’d like to see me review, just post it in the comments.


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