Things to come

Sorry everyone, been caught up in birthday related festivities, it’s not every year you turn a quarter of a century.  Blog is not dying, and hopefully this week will see me post my first personal story, rather than another review of a random television show.  It involves a mime.  I’d say an evil mime, but I thought that was implied.  Also, assuming it doesn’t come out in Turkish again, I may do a three part mega review of a film.  What film you ask?  One of the few that deserves such a treatment, I guarantee that, and yes, it involves Nicolas Cage.

There’s also the possibility of another live tweet of a crappy movie, as I have several, so definitely follow me on Twitter @myrottingbrain,  so you can enjoy it in real time.   I’m trying to find someone moderately famous who’ll agree to waste their time on an interview with me, but that’s taking a lot of time.  I really need to get around to seeing what William Russ is up to.  May also be developing some potentially terrible sketch comedy blog, but that’s still in the planning stages.

So yeah, this is just a long winded way of saying: Check back tomorrow for a story about a mime.


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