My Rotting Brain Podcast #1

Okay, working the kinks out still, and learning as I go, but hopefully this works.  I’ve recorded my first ever podcast for the site, it’s meant to serve as a companion piece to the three part review of Deadfall, so be sure to read that first, otherwise you’ll have no idea what I’m talking about.  Future podcasts will hopefully be much more entertaining, humorous and well put together.   I’m also taking suggestions for a name for the podcast, leave them in the comments.  If I manage to get this up on iTunes, I’ll let you know, but for now, click this link and see what happens:

My Rotting Brain Podcast 1

You can also download and subscribe to it on iTunes:
Or there’s several other services you can use here:


One thought on “My Rotting Brain Podcast #1

  1. Suggestions for podcast name are as follows; Tight Garbage, The Rotting Pod, The Rotting Roast, Rotcast, Make your face fall off, Your Rotting Brain, Robot Pants, Getting Rotten # whatever

    I just subscribed so entertain me!!!!

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