Tumblr and social media whoring

Well, with my new oodles (word of the day) of free time, I figured I might as well expand my social media presence, now I’ve got a Tumblr.

http://mikesrottingbrain.tumblr.com/ Since MyRottingBrain was taken.

Follow me if you’d like a glimpse into all sorts of random shit I think is funny or interesting.  Won’t affect the main blog, my real articles will still go here, tumblr is just for all the things I don’t want to waste a whole post on.  It’s where I’ll mention books I’m reading, music I’m listening to, virgins I’m sacrificing and other random assorted shit.  It’s probably where I’ll post teases of future projects too.  So if you’re obsessed with this blog, and why shouldn’t you be, follow me on Tumblr to get the complete experience.

Then there’s twitter, which is for even less than that.  But you should also follow me on there @myrottingbrain.

There’s also the facebook page, but that’s purely for ego stroking.  http://www.facebook.com/myrottingbrain1  Go ahead, become a fan.

Also, I promise new, non Rebecca Black related content next week.  Lots of it.  Especially if my youtube video acquisition skills get sorted out.


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