Internet Channel Surfing Vol 2

Some things to flip through while I’m away.

Slashleen – She’s fucking hilarious and she’s got a cute dog.  Her piece about the redesign of the Candy Land box is absolutely amazing.   She’s also hot, so there’s that too.  You should be following her on twitter, @slashleeen As always, it’s providing articles that are informative, funny and probably somewhat NSFW.  Some recent favorites: The 14 Most Unintentionally Terrifying Statues in the World and 7 Famous Movies Flaws That Were Explained in Deleted Scenes

Bestie’s Night A style parody of Rebecca Black’s Friday, which is much better than most Rebecca Black parodies.  Well, besides this one.

-Remember when The Simpsons were really funny?  Thankfully some of the clips from that era are finally getting onto Youtube.  Relive the classics.

-See Jason Voorhees’ epic comeback in “The Slasher” 

-Do yourself a favor and watch Frisky Dingo.  I’ll help you out, here’s Episode One

Filmcow has a wonderful Youtube channel.  Marshmellow People should play when you click that link, I also highly recommended Ferrets.

My Life on Craigslist, one man’s adventures in Craigslist posting.

Family Circus re-captioned

– Head on over to The Glenn Robinsons’ page to listen to his new album, “Full Scale Assault” which was titled by yours truly.   I swear eventually he’ll be a guest on the podcast.

Enjoy the links, I’m off to Bamboozle tomorrow.  If you’re going and  see a guy wearing a shirt with a picture of Predator on it, it’s probably me, so say hello and mention the site.  That way, even if it’s not me, you’ve done some advertising.


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