I don’t mention the music I like very much on here, as it’s more fun to talk about the music I hate.  But since the last three days were all about music for me, I figured I’d put up some of my videos.

I stalked Alkaline Trio for three straight days, Providence RI, New Haven, CT and finally at Bamboozle in New Jersey.  If you’re a fan, enjoy:

 Nose Over Tail

Jaked on Green Beers

We’ve Had Enough


Goodbye Forever

This Could Be Love

Dine, Dine My Darling

And then there’s The Gaslight Anthem.  Everyone should listen to them.  I’m not saying that to sound preachy or push my preferred music on you, I just honestly think they’re a band that have written songs everyone can enjoy, regardless of your preferred genres.  If you ever get the chance to see them in their home state of New Jersey, absolutely do it, because it sure seems like they play with twice as much energy at a home show.  Tore the fucking house down.

Old White Lincoln 

I’da Called You Woody, Joe

The ’59 Sound

Blue Jeans & White T-Shirts

Bamboozle was a blast, there’s something for everyone there, I highly recommend it.  Though giving me chalk was probably a bad idea on their part…

One of many tags I left behind.

What can I say? I’m shameless when it comes to that kind of stuff.  If seeing one of those brought you here, definitely leave a comment and say hi.


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