I’m inching closer and closer to 10,000 all time views, which may seem paltry, but it’s still a big moment for me.  In celebration of when I hit that number, I’ll be giving something away.  Or somethings.  The original plan was to just give away a season of Are You Afraid of the Dark?  But for some reason, they’re running for $150-$200 on Amazon.  Ha, I got the complete series for $45.  So, that’s out, but I’m busily putting together something else.

If recent trends are any indication, I should be nearing 10,000 by the end of the month.  Granted, that’s probably heavily dependent on me writing things.  So I’ll work on that.  In the meantime, feel free to make suggestions as to what kind of contest I should run to determine the winner of these “spectacular” prizes.  It should involve promoting the blog in some way, obviously.

I should mention I’m working pretty much full time now,  so articles might take a bit longer, but I’ll still try and get something up every week.  Bear with me.


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