Podcast #4

I promise I’ll get some writing up soon, but until then, have a podcast to hold you over.


On this edition we’ve got Glenn Robinson, of The Glenn Robinsons, the man responsible for this site’s theme music.  The podcast runs for a little more than a half hour and we discuss Glenn’s music, Glenn’s run ins with Green Day and his experience working for Fred Durst.  We also go over some of the prizes I’ll be giving away when I reach 10,000 views, so definitely check that out.  Also, it ends with a cover of an old school Nickelodeon show’s theme music.

Some Glenn related links:

You can download all his albums for free from here: http://theglennrobinsons.bandcamp.com/

Glenn’s Youtube Page, where you can see his videos for his songs “Forget It” and “Awesome”(extremely graphic) as well as his cartoon Robosapian

As always, you can listen to the podcast on the site by clicking that link above, or find it on iTunes by searching “My Rotting Brain”


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