The 10,000 View Giveaway!

Yes! You have read that correctly!  To celebrate the blog’s 10,000 view, I’m doing a giveaway, a wonderful, magical giveaway*

As the flyer states, the winner of the giveaway will receive  Season 1 of The Adventures of Pete & Pete on DVD and The Glenn Robinsons entire discography.  I don’t know if you’re a fan of The Glenn Robinsons, or even know who he is, but winning this giveaway will technically make you his #1 fan.

So, I know you’re all now chomping at the bit, waiting to learn how you can get down on this fine ass giveaway, well worry not, it’s quite simple!

To enter the My Rotting Brain 10,000 Visitor Giveaway Extravaganza, simply do one, or both of the following things:

1.  Tweet a link to the site, making sure to also use @myrottingbrain, so I can find it.  Also, if you want to say kind words, I’ll probably smile, or feel somewhat fuzzy inside.  The minimum I’m accepting is “@myrottingbrain”  Bonus points if you also @ mention a celebrity.

2. Visit my Tumblr and reblog the post containing that flyer. Once again, saying kind words when you is welcome.  Also, animated gifs of Nicolas Cage doing crazy shit are welcome.

In one weeks time, I will select one person from Twitter and one person from Tumblr, then flip a coin and decide the winner!  Then if the winner doesn’t get me shipping information in a prompt manner, the other person wins.

Easy enough right?  Go forth then and enter!  Because if this gets a good response, I’ll be doing multiple giveaways in October.

And I’d like to once again say thanks to everyone who takes the time to read the site.  I hope you enjoy it and I hope you’ll keep coming back for more.

Oh hey since you’re visiting Twitter and Tumblr, you might as well follow me.  Just saying.

*Giveaway may not nessecarily be magical or wonderful


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