The Plan

Alright, my work season has wound down, so now I can begin writing a bit more around here.  Unfortunately,  a lot of what I write won’t be seen until October, for my now annual Halloween spectacular, in which I try to post an article every single day.  I successfully reviewed 31 episodes of Are You Afraid of the Dark? last year, and I owe much of my site’s popularity to that.  Of course I’ll be trying to top that this year, so much so that it will require me to do a lot of work in the weeks leading up to it.  I’ve also got another contest in mind, that will hopefully get much more interest than my last contest.  I’ll be posting info about that at the end of month, should be fun.

Obviously I won’t leave this site hanging out to dry for a month, but I can’t guarantee how much I’ll write.  Who knows, maybe I’ll get super creative and have a great output.  I’ll certainly do a few podcasts this month, that much is for sure.  So please bear with me, October is going to be a lot of fun, I hope you all stick around and celebrate the site’s first birthday with me.


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