HS Day 3: Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers “Trick Or Treat”

In an effort to really expand the Halloween Spectacular, I’ve decided to mix things up and do reviews of some Halloween episodes of television shows.  It’s a nice change of pace that keeps me from constantly reviewing Are You Afraid of the Dark and claiming I’m doing something different this year.  Plus, the more things actually set on or during Halloween, the better.  I couldn’t think of any better place to start than with the Power Rangers of the Mighty Morphin’ variety.

Here’s your link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2-mPP_VMFb8&feature=channel_video_title



The episode is entitled, appropriately enough, “Trick or Treat” and we begin in that strange juice bar the Rangers always hung out in.  You know the one, the fat guy runs it and for some reason there’s gymnastic equipment in it, and it hosts the occasional karate tournament.  Anyways, we start off with Kimberly, the pink ranger, excitedly telling Tommy, the green ranger, and Trini, the yellow ranger, that she’s going to be competing on the nation’s #1 gameshow, Trick or Treat.  How a game show with a Halloween theme remains popular enough year round to be considered #1 in the country, I have no idea.  Also, I’m only going to refer to the rangers by their colors the first time we run into them, if you’re confused later on, just refer to whatever color clothing they are wearing.

Or just use casual racism.

Kimberly is thrilled about the game show appearance because she could win a brand new car.  This of course brings up the question: Have we ever seen the Power Rangers drive anything besides a giant robot before?  I can’t remember.  Kimberly of course asks Trini and Tommy to come support her at the show, but Tommy can’t go because he’s got a big inner city karate match that he can’t miss.  I bet it takes place in a juice bar.  Making matters even worse, we learn that Kimberly’s opponent on the game show will be Skull, one of the dimwitted bullies that so often attempt to torment the Rangers.

Speaking of people who like to torment the Power Rangers, we cut to Rita Repulsa’s moon base, where she’s struck by a great idea.  Before she can spit it out however, she’s interrupted by Goldar, her gold plated flying wolf subordinate, who claims he was just thinking the same thing, that they should unleash something called The Pumpkin Rapper.  I think it’s official, Rita and Goldar spend way too much time together if they can finish the others thoughts that are that obscure.

Back on Earth, it’s time to play Trick or Treat.  The game involves asking the host, who happens be dressed as Dracula, trick questions.  If you can stump him, you get pumpkin points and whoever has the most pumpkin points at the end of the game, wins a brand new car.  I’ll star!  Who the hell thought this would be a good idea for a game show?

Tricked ya! Because the correct answer is no one. No one thought this was a good idea.

Elsewhere, Tommy is strolling through a park, where he happens upon several rotten pumpkins.  The rotten pumpkins are there as a precursor to the Pumpkin Rapper, and Rita is super pissed that Tommy has stumbled upon them prematurely.  She does the logical thing and sends Puddies, her dimwitted henchmen who fail at everything, to deal with him.  It’s an exciting battled, highlighted by Tommy’s terrible theme song “Go Green Ranger”

Back at the game show, Kimberly successfully scores a point by asking the host if he can tell her the Power Rangers true identity.  Because of her success, Kimberly gets to play the Wicked Wheel of Misfortune game.  The object of that game is never revealed, but it involves Kimberly being strapped to a giant wheel and spun around while screaming.  She apparently succeeded, as she walks away with three more pumpkin points.

Skull meanwhile, finally manages to trick the host by asking what his friend’s name is.  This is the worst idea for a game show ever.  Skull’s reward aside from a pumpkin point, is that he gets to play the Wicked Web of Destruction game.  This game is actually explained, Skull has to climb a spider web made of robe and retrieve 3 plastic bugs, before time runs out and the spider gets him.  Skull fails miserably.

Money shot.

We cut back to Tommy, who’s disposed of the Puddies and is now at his karate match, which is, as I predicted, taking place in the juice bar.  It’s an incredibly boring scene featuring Tommy just standing around and watching other competitors.  Thankfully, it doesn’t last long and we cut to the Power Ranger’s secret base where Zordon, the giant disembodied head they take orders from is watching Trick Or Treat with Alpha 5, his gay robot sidekick.  Unfortunately, they have to interrupt, because Zordon realizes Rita is up to no good.  It comes at an incredibly inconvenient time, as Kimberly is one question away from winning a car, and shutting up the idiotic host once and for all.  Kimberly fakes fainting and the rest of the Rangers round her up and teleport to Zordon, while Bulk and Skull celebrate winning a car.

Can you guess which one is the Black Ranger?

Zordon fills them in on what they’re up against.  Apparently Rita has planted evil pumpkins, which can attach themselves to a person’s head, making it impossible to see, or breathe.  I think one of those might be slightly more perilous than the other, Zordon.  When the biggest pumpkin ripens, it will turn into The Pumpkin Rapper, an evil creature that, according to Zordon “Will try and distract you with his clever raps and rhymes.”  This leads to Jason, the red ranger, commenting that “Rita has some evil tricks going on this time.”  Yep, she tries to destroy the earth weekly, but add hip hop into the mix and now she’s really crossed the line.   The Rangers morph and head to the park to stop The Pumpkin Rapper.  Unfortunately for them, things don’t go according to plan.

Oh fuck! It's exactly like Zordon said! I can't see! My breathing may also be impaired, but the whole not being able to see thing, much bigger concern.

If you’re only going to watch 30 seconds of this episode, I highly suggest the 12:47 mark as a great starting point.  That way you get to see the Rangers looking like total buffoons as they try to get the pumpkins off their heads.  It’s priceless.  Lucky for them, Kimberly managed to avoid getting a pumpkin stuck on her head, and is able to come to their rescue.  This leads to a ridiculous fight scene in which Puddies arrive with pumpkins stuck on their heads, but are strangely unaffected.  It’s all just a prelude to them finding the giant pumpkin that turns into The Pumpkin Rapper, but not before the Power Rangers spit their own terrible rhymes.

Well, they were recruited because there were teenagers with attitude. That's just like N.W.A. right?

I know I just suggested the 12:47 mark as the best 30 seconds of the episode, but the 15:03 mark is also a great one, if you’d like to see how incredibly cringe-worthy The Pumpkin Rapper’s raps actually are.  He’s no Snow, that’s for sure.

Yo Pumpkin Rapper, I'm really happy for you and I'ma let you finish, but Shredder during the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Comin' Out of Their Shells tour was one of the best rapping villains of all time!

This leads to what has to be one of the strangest fight scenes in Power Rangers history, as the Rangers do battle with more pumpkin headed puddies, as well as the Pumpkin Rapper, who can’t seem to do anything without first rapping about it.  The Rangers are overwhelmed, clearly distracted by Pumpkin Rapper’s clever raps and rhymes, and Tommy has to be called into help.  Together, they’re able to down the Pumpkin Rapper, using their Power Blaster, a ridiculous contraption that forms when they combine all their rarely used weapons together.

He's blowing up like T-Pain

Pumpkin Rapper doesn’t even get to turn into a giant and fight the Megazord!  Pumpkin Rapper went out like a bitch, this is most depressing.  The episode ends with Tommy and Kimberly consoling each other about not winning their respective competitions, and Bulk and Skull having their new car taken away because it was discovered that they cheated.  Bulk and Skull have many moment of sheer stupidity during their run on Power Rangers, but the fact that they had to cheat to win a game show like Trick Or Treat, may be their lowest moment.
The End

Well, that was terrible.  No two ways around it.  The only redeeming qualities were the so-bad-they’re-good moments of the Rangers looking like idiots while trying to get pumpkins off their heads.  Pumpkin Rapper is either the greatest or worst monster they ever faced, I still haven’t quite figured that out.  The object of the Trick or Treat game show was absolutely ridiculous, and I refuse to believe it was the most popular game show in America.  I’m fine with clay monsters and giant rapping pumpkins, but the idea that Trick Or Treat is a popular game show is just too unrealistic for me.  This was one of several Power Rangers Halloween episodes, and if the response is good, and I feel like torturing myself, I’ll cover some of the other ones this month as well.


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2 thoughts on “HS Day 3: Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers “Trick Or Treat”

  1. Great idea you had there to cover other halloween-oriented shows :p

    I had totally forgotten about Pumpkin Rapper. And you’re right -but Shredder was a way better rapping villain. He had a rap song about hating music. That was awesome. I still have that cassette somewhere.

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