Twilight Zone Review: The Little People

Today continues My Rotting Brain’s Twilight Zone Review Marathon, in celebration of the upcoming New Year’s Eve Twilight Zone Marathon.  Got all that?  Good.  Today’s episode is called “The Little People” and here are your links.

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We open with two astronauts on a distance planet.  One, William Fletcher is busily trying to fix their rocket ship, while the other, Peter Craig, lounges about nearby.

Fletcher informs Craig that while the ship is repairable, he won’t be able to fix it completely for at least a few more days.  For Craig, it’s just one more thing to complain about.  Fletcher doesn’t take kindly to Craig’s incessant whining, and gives him a severe tongue lashing, reminding him who’s really in charge.  Craig takes the berating in stride, but when asked how he’d prefer things to be, he admits that he’d rather be in charge, with everyone answering to him.  Craig then claims to hear voices off in the distance.  With that, Rod Serling show’s up for our introduction.

“The time is the space age; the place is a barren landscape of a rock-walled canyon that lies millions of miles from the planet Earth.  The cast of characters?  You’ve met them:  William Fletcher, commander of the spaceship; his co-pilot, Peter Craig.  The other characters who inhabit this place you may never see, but they’re there, as these two gentlemen will soon find out.  Because they’re about to partake in a little exploration into that gray, shaded area in space and time that’s known as the Twilight Zone”

The next day, Craig wanders back to the ship and Fletcher wonders where he’s been, but rather than wait for an answer, he commands him to get back to work.  Fletcher then realizes that Craig hasn’t drunk any water lately, a strange occurrence considering the planet they’re stranded on has two suns.  Craig ducks the question, which just enrages Fletcher, who demands answers.

Listen, rummy, I'm gonna say it plain and simple Where'd you pinch the hooch? Is some blind tiger jerking suds on the side?

Craig drops a small box containing wet vegetation, which is all the proof Fletcher needs that Craig found a source of water.  Craig claims he was going to tell Fletcher once he confirmed the water was pure, but Fletcher doesn’t believe him.  Fletcher then looks at the vegetation under a microscope, which appears to be just be a really fancy spyglass.


Fletcher discovers the vegetation is in fact several tiny trees.  Craig admits that he found them near the tiny stream he discovered and then hands Fletcher something else to examine.  Fletcher looks at it under the microscope again, and sees that it’s an incredibly small truck.

Craig brings Fletcher back to the site of his discovery.  What appears to be just a small stream and some moss, is actually a tiny river and a tiny forest.  Craig urges Fletcher to take a closer look, and he discovers a tiny boat dock and an entire race of microscopic people.

That looks like a yacht, it must be a race of microscopic yuppies.

Craig goes on to tell him that he’s spent the last few days making contact with these people, using mathematics to communicate due to their language barrier.  The little people have been very cooperative, showing Craig where edible plants are.  If you’re wondering why a race of people would be so happy to help destroy their ecosystem, an increasingly megalomaniacal Craig explains.  They look up to him like a giant from the sky, and they’re terrified of him, so they do what they’re told.  Craig explains that he’s become a god, and a particularly vengeful one at that, a fact he happily confirms by crushing some of the tiny buildings.

This enrages Fletcher, who punches Craig in the fact, knocking him out.  He laments that Craig isn’t a god, but he’s damn sure made the tiny people believe in the devil.  Fletcher apologies to the tiny people, though they have no idea what he’s saying.  The next day, Fletcher appears to have fixed the ship and goes looking for Craig to share the good news.  Craig is of course back at the tiny city, where in their terror, the tiny people have erected a statue in Craig’s honor.

Fletcher is none too impressed, which is pretty ridiculous considering the little people just built a statue 10000 times their size overnight, but some people just don’t appreciate art.  Fletcher informs Craig that he’s fixed the ship and they’ll be leaving shortly, an idea Craig is not at all a fan of.  He’d much prefer to stay on the planet and be worshipped as a god, and he’ll happily kill Fletcher if he gets in his way.

It's really hard to take an episode seriously when I produce screen grabs like this.

When Fletcher tries to reason with him, Craig fires a warning shot, blowing the head off his statue.  The tiny people, meanwhile, must be wondering just what the hell they have to do to get Craig to stop wrecking their shit.  Fletcher reluctantly agrees to leave, noting how sorry he feels for the delusional Craig.  Fletcher blasts off, while Craig addresses the tiny people, announcing that it’s the age of Peter Craig, and reminding them of his power by destroying more of their city and then collapsing in a fit of maniacal laughter.

Craig then hears the sounds of another space ship, and goes to investigate.  Craig hears a loud rumbling and looks up, only to find two giant astronauts, 10000 times larger than he is.  One of the astronauts picks him, but accidentally crushes him to death.


The astronauts toss Craig’s body away and wander off, as the tiny people topple over Craig’s statue, leaving both the monument and the man in a broken heap.


“The case of navigator Peter Craig, a victim of a delusion. In this case, the dream dies a little harder than the man. A small exercise in space psychology that you can try on for size – in the Twilight Zone”


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