I’m a contributor!

Hey all,

Still working on some stuff for the site, perhaps things that will be up tomorrow!  Perhaps.

In the meantime time, check out to some guest spots I did at other sites.

Kindertrauma: It’s a Horror to Know You
Did a questionnaire for Kindertrauma, which is a wonderful site, dedicated to all those things that terrified you when you were growing up.  Go take a peek and learn what the first movie to ever scare me was.

Strange Kids Club, Lost Signals: Strange Frequency 
Wrote a guest piece over at Strange Kids Club last week.  It focuses on the short lived VH-1 show, Strange Frequency.  Essentially it’s the Twilight Zone with rock & roll undertones.  It’s a great program and I bet it’s not the last you’ll be seeing of it.

 There should be some activity around here this week, so don’t despair loyal readers, I haven’t forgotten you. 


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