Freddy’s Nightmares: Freddy’s Tricks and Treats Part 2

And we’re back, sorry for the delay.  We’re covering the second half of the Freddy’s Nightmare episode “Freddy’s Tricks and Treats.”  Read the first half here, it features that woman from Law & Order SVU totally losing her shit.

Here’s your link, the second half starts around the 23:25 mark

We start with Olivia arriving back at the sorority house where the episode started.  The place appears to be abandoned now, and she quickly heads upstairs to her room.  As she’s putting away her things, she notices two men peeking into her window.  Literally, they’re like right outside her window.  The window in her room, that is on the second floor.

There are several things wrong here.

Olivia is obvious terrified by these peeping toms, and quickly calls the police to deal with them.  This is a defining moment in her life, no doubt.  It’s probably what caused her to move to New York and become a detective hunting down sexual predators.  Actually, scratch that.  She just does a strip tease for them instead.

Her own twisted brand of vigilante justice.

It turns out the whole thing is just a dream, one that’s being monitored by that creepy fellow she encountered at a party in the first half of the episode.  We’ve moved ahead two months, and Olivia’s subconscious is now far less inhibited than it was previously.  She’s still apparently holding back on her dreams though, causing them to end abruptly, much to the chagrin of Dr. Voyeur.  He’s determined to find a way to enhance her dreams, so he can see it through to the end.  Lucky for us, we don’t have to wait as we cut back to Olivia’s dream.  With her audience suddenly gone, Olivia becomes frightened.  Someone starts trying to break down her bedroom door, and she cowers next to the window.  This proves to be a bad idea, as Freddy bursts through and grabs her.

Before anything terrible can happen, Olivia is woken up by one of the lab techs.  Creepy Doctor Guy grumbles that she was just having a nightmare and it’s nothing to worry about.  He manages to convince Olivia to give his experiments another shot, and soon we’re back in the lab, ready for another go round.  This time, Olivia’s dream is far less steamy.  She wakes up in the lab and immediately Freddy appears on a monitor, cracking terrible puns that just barely fit the scene.  By the time he hit television, he was way past the point of using one liner’s in almost every situation.  Thankfully, he still brings some terror along with it, and soon has Olivia screaming has he takes control of some cables and grabs her head.

Insert joke about feeling wired

With Olivia screaming, Dr. Creepy has no choice but to wake her up.  He does learn that she’s seeing Freddy in her dreams though.  This sparks a great idea in the good doctor, and he whisks Olivia off to Freddy’s old boiler room hideaway, in an effort to “help her imagination.”  They begin exploring together, but he soon wanders off, leaving Olivia alone and frightened.  Apparently he left to set up some super elaborate and terrifying pranks.

The horror!

Olivia is unimpressed with the doctor’s work, and I’m sure it’s not the first time.  She continues to call for him and get no response, but she does begin hearing the cries of a little girl.  Olivia pokes around a bit, and find the girl locked in some sort of cage.  Dr. Creepy sure does pull out all the stops in his experiments.

No one is actually surprised that he’d lock a little girl in a cage, right?

Olivia is unable to free the girl, and Freddy soon arrives on the scene.  Of course, we’re in yet another one of Olivia’s dreams.  When we cut back to the real world, we see that Dr. Creepy has set up his lab in the boiler room, and has Olivia wrapped in a sleeping back amongst the wreckage.  He is a true professional.

Olivia’s constant screams of agony finally annoy him enough to wake her up, and she immediately pleads with him not to make her go back into the dream.  He reassures her that she won’t have to go back alone, and that he’s going to go with her.  What a brave and respectable guy!  We immediately cut back to the lab, where our hero Doctor (real name Zack, by the way) is showing off his results to a professor, and outlining a plan to push Olivia even further over the edge.  Ladies, he’s a catch!

The professor realizes that Zack is pushing things to far, and orders him to stop.  Like a true super villain, Zack begins ranting about how fools fear the unknown.  Dr. Creepy will never be stopped!  He breaks the news to Olivia, who for some reason has decided that she wants to return to her dreams.  They kiss, and we’re transported back into the dream.  I’m pretty sure another one of Dr. Creepy’s powers is mind control, because none of that sequence made any sense.    In the dream world, the inevitable happens and Olivia again encounters Freddy.  When it finally looks like we’ll get some action from Freddy, we cut back to the real world, to find Zack choking a sleeping Olivia to death.


The End

Just kidding, but you have to admit that’s a totally believable ending.  Turns out Zack is choking her to try and increase her terror level and make her dream more vivid.  I’d say it worked, as Freddy arrives on the scene.  Zack realizes he’s somehow entered Olivia’s dream and is immediately dispatched by Freddy in a completely unsatisfying and non-violent manner.  Unfortunately, before Freddy can finish the job on Olivia, she wakes up and is back in the lab once more.  Olivia check’s Zack’s dream recording equipment and find that Freddy has taken an interest in Zack, instead of her.  It’s his nightmare now.  We close with Freddy’s ending narration, which consists of him simply saying “Stick that in your VCR…and suck on it.”  Alright Mr. Krueger, I think we need to have a little talk again.
The End


Well, that only got worse as it went along.  The first half of the episode was alright, but the second half played off like the lamest Nightmare on Elm Street movie ever.  We jumped back and forth between dreams and reality so much, that I’m no longer even sure if I’m actually writing this or dreaming the whole thing.  As is often the case with Freddy, I’m ultimately let down by this whole experience.  So much potential and it’s all wasted on stupid one liners. This time they barely even make sense.   I guess you could say watching this episode was a real nightmare!

Shut up, it was better than any of the crap Freddy spewed in this one.

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