My Rotting Brain LIVE! Join me, won’t you?

So, I’ll admit this Halloween countdown has been pretty lackluster.  I’ve still got a few more articles planned, but you deserve more.

Thus, I’ll be premiering my new Webshow…thingy, called My Rotting Brain LIVE, this Thursday at 8PM EST.  

Through the magic of Synchtube, My Rotting Brain LIVE will allow you to join me in a chat and watch whatever videos or movies I feel like showing.  It will all synch up perfectly, so no one ends up lagging far behind.  Perhaps, if I can swing it, we may even have some moderately famous guest stop by!  (Probably not)

Anyways, for the first show, I’ll be showing one of my favorite childhood films…..


So yeah, join me this Thursday, October 25th at 8PM EST and watch some Classic Fred Savage

You can check out my Synchtube channel right here:  But it will only be playing a loop of the trailer until Thursday!

Hope to see you there!

Oh and in the meantime, tweet @thefredsavage and @BenSavage  tell them to join @MyRottingBrain for his webshow!


One thought on “My Rotting Brain LIVE! Join me, won’t you?

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