Podcast #7 with Noa Gavin and Alicia Sherrod


A podcast!  With a new format!  And a co-host! Give it a listen.  This week’s guests are Noa Gavin and Alicia Sherrod, from the improv groups Radio, Radio and Atlantic Pacific Billy.  Go see them in New York City at the Del Close Marathon, June 28th to June 30th!  Also, visit Noa’s blog at ohnoa.com and check out their videos on FunnyorDie

This week we talked about Legends of the Hidden Temple, Supermarket Sweep, shopping sprees in toy stores, The Might Ducks cartoon, The Sega Star Kid Challenge, how I used to love New Kids on the Block, the awful New Kids on the Block cartoon, and so much more!  Check out links to all that shit below!




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