Are You Afraid of the Dark?: The Tale of the Hungry Hounds

It’s October, let’s do this!  We’re going all the way back to Season One for this episode, which originally aired a ridiculous 22 years ago.

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We begin with The Midnight Society prepping their fire.  Kiki burns herself, which Gary ignores completely so he can focus on a much bigger issue: Lateness.  Kristen is tardy, but rolls up moments later with her dog, Elvis, who is there to provide sound effects.  She has David toss some midnight dust on the fire and begins.  Submitted for the approval of The Midnight Society, she calls this story…


Ohh, hounds.  Sorry, moving on.  We meet Pam, played by TV’s Mia Kirshner,  who likes to rummage around her attic, and also enjoys subjecting her visiting cousin Amy to that terrible hobby.  The two dig around until they stumble upon pictures of Pam’s late aunt Dora, who looks exactly like Pam.  She was a talented equestrian, but Pam’s mother won’t let her follow in her footsteps, because parents are like, totally the worst.  They dig around a bit more and find an old trunk that belonged to Dora, and I begin to wonder how dedicated Pam really was to her rummaging hobby, because that trunk is pretty hard to miss.


Unfortunately for them, the trunk is locked, so that mystery is put away for another day.  Later, Pam and Amy are out for a walk, discussing what there is to do for fun in Pam’s sad Podunk town.  Pam’s answer?  Look at a horse.  Exhilarating.  Pam climbs a fence to feed the horse a carrot, when suddenly her mom pulls up, frantically beeping her horn.  This spooks the horse and knocks Pam off the fence and down to the ground, while her mother gets out screaming about how dangerous horses are.  Her mom doesn’t want her around horses because Dora was killed while riding, though based on her reaction, you’d think Dora was eaten by horse.

We then join Pam playing with a Ouija board, which of course was found in the attic.  After some convincing, Amy joins her and the two set out to recreate this 1991 Ouija board commercial almost exactly…

The Ouija board delivers them the message “LET ME OUT” and then the numbers “149”, which they deduce must have something to do with the trunk.  Being foolish kids with no respect for the black arts and the terrible power that can be unleashed when you dabble with them, they head back to the attic to unlock the trunk and inside they discover…

Clothes that are apparently on fire!

Clothes that are apparently on fire!

It’s all of Aunt Dora’s old riding gear, which was never washed after the last time she wore it.  This doesn’t dissuade Pam from putting on the jacket, and promptly getting possessed by Dora’s spirit.  She them opens what appears to be a giant porthole in the side of their house, and steps outside.  Amy meanwhile, is understandably confused, because it’s dark outside but it isn’t night, and because there are now steps going from the attic to the outside.

They appear to live in a trailer that has an attic.

So…what? They live in a trailer with an attic?

Possessed Pam leads Amy to a cemetery deep in the woods, which contains all of their deceased family members.  At Dora’s grave Possessed Pam begins to regale Amy with a story of how Dora adopted a fox that was going to be hunted, and set it free, angering the hunting hounds.  When Dora rode after the fox, her horse was startled by something and fell on her, presumably killing her.  Before we can confirm those details, we’re interrupted by this lovely gentleman

Giles here is upset with Dora that she never got around to feeding the hounds, being that she was too busy gallivanting around, freeing foxes and dying.  As a result, the hounds got hungry and angry and attacked poor Giles when he went to feed them.  No, they didn’t maim and devour him, but they sure gave him a fright, which triggered the heart attack that killed him.  He blames this all on Dora, and lunges at her accordingly.  Possessed Pam and Amy run off to a nearby barn, where they’re locked inside.  We get a cutback to the Midnight Society, presumably to get some exposition, but Kristen only tells us that Giles might have locked them in, or maybe it was another ghost in the graveyard.  Cutaways do not work like that!

Back inside the barn, Possessed Pam is obsessed with feeding the hounds, much to Amy’s chagrin.  Unable to convince her to stop, Amy instead locks her inside a cage.  When Possessed Pam begs to be freed so she can feed the hounds, Amy questions what exactly she’ll be using as food.  Of course it’s revealed Possessed Pam plans to feed Amy to the hounds, in a disturbing twist that no one saw com…oh, she’s going to feed them kibble, nevermind.   As Amy sets off to find the kibble, Possessed Pam escapes her cage sets the hounds free.

Ooooo puppies!!!

Looook at the puppies!!!

The hounds rush Amy, who climbs atop some hay bales to escape, but things are certainly looking grim.  Then suddenly a ratting looking fox appears and runs out of the barns, with the dogs following close behind.  Amy searches for Pam, but only finds Dora’s ghost, which also then rides off, because apparently no one likes Amy.  Amy runs back through the forest and up the magic staircase, back into the attic.  There she finds it’s daytime once again, and Pam is hanging out, having an allergy attack.  Pam then says she has to go feed the dog, and the two get into an argument about whether or not she said dog or dogs.  Okay, it’s not the strongest ending to an episode.  Thankfully, Kristen comes back to explain that Dora’s spirit was no longer haunted by the howling of the hungry hounds, and Pam’s mother let her take riding lessons for some stupid reason.   We end with Gary reminding the Midnight Society to feed their dogs and…you know what, I’ll just let Sarah McLachlan take it from here:


Well that certainly was…an episode.  I guess the prospect of getting eaten by dogs is frightening, but that this episode offers.  Ghostly Giles was alright, but he wasn’t in the episode nearly enough, and he definitely should have been mauled by the hounds.  But it’s a kids program, so we got a heart attack instead.  These can’t all be winners, so unfortunately Halloween Spectacular 2014 starts off with a bit of a whimper, but things can only get better from here, right?   You know, assuming I actually write more.


9 thoughts on “Are You Afraid of the Dark?: The Tale of the Hungry Hounds

  1. DUDE!! I am loving these AYAOTD reviews. They are killing me. You have got to do the “Tale of The Gruesome Gourmets” for one reason: Chuck. Words cannot describe this guy. seriously.

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